The very best way to get our oysters is to order them through The Oyster Common.  

Please use johnsrivershellfish.oystercommon.com for all of your ordering and shipping needs directly to your door.

Johns River Oysters are also available at the following distributers and at many fine restaurants in Maine.  

Please ask for them and thank you for your business!


Browne Trading 

Portland, ME 

(207) 775-7560 

Harbor Fish Market  

Portland, ME 

(207) 751-0251

Jess's Fish Market  

Rockland, ME

(207) 596-6068

Inland Seafood  

Atlanta, GA

(404) 350-5854

Pemaquid Lobster and Seafood

New Harbor, ME  

(207) 350-7054

Upstream Trucking  

Portland, ME

(207) 274-6850