David Cheney, Johns River Oysters

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New Harbor, ME 04554

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"These Maine Oysters have a world class taste profile" - Jim Levis Ossining, NY 

"Johns River Colonials are special because they have a kiss of brine at the start followed by a sweet creamy middle and a very rare clean finish.  They have a firm velvety texture and are a treat to eat."  Jamie Black Ossining, NY

​​Johns River Oyster​​s

In 2007 Dave Cheney started by buying oyster seed and cultivating them on a raft in The Johns River South Bristol, Maine.  Over the years he has added 3 custom aluminum work boats, several shellfish holding rafts and more than 400 surface cages in two distinct rivers.

In the Upper Damariscotta River on a 3.35 acre lease, seed starts out on the surface in spat bags and wooden trays in early June. By July the fast growing seed has matured enough to be cultivated in surface cages. Before ice flows covers over the farm in December, the largest oysters are moved to Johns River because of the unique taste profile which is created there. In addition to surface cages, we also utilize scuba diving, dredging and hand picking to harvest oysters for market.  

Johns River Oysters is a certified Maine Aquaculture Company that produces half shell cocktail oysters for several distributors.

​Occasionally we Fed Ex retail customers with our finest quality oysters to their homes.  Please call, text or email us for more information!